Time for a festive get together. It was once said that  “the best thing about being a member of a coworking space would be to finally have a Christmas party after working on my own for so long.”

We are still working on the space so in the meantime…….we think it is still time for a party!

WHEN: WED 11 DEC @ 4pm – 6pm

WHAT: POTLUCK NIBBLES + DRINKS (i.e. bring a plate and bottle)


WHAT ELSE: A Entrepreneurs Wishing Tree

If you could make just one business Christmas wish this year, what would you wish for?

christmas notes

What is that? We are all entrepreneurs at heart. Wishing, especially as Christmas, is about expanding your vision and identifying just what you need. I think that by acknowledging the wish, you have a much better chance of figuring out what it will take to make it come true. And a large part of that is sharing it with others, because you never know what open doors you might find by doing so. So let’s give it a go – we will have the tree you provide the wish. Part of this is the good feelings people get by giving and sharing – like a  giving circle. It is amazing what some people will give – sometime you only have to ask.

To get your Christmas Party Wish the SIX DEGREE supporters will have to show their desire by  a LIKE on Facebook or an email to me so that we can unlock the mystery location.

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