Josh Allen – Synchronicity Farm

As a local, Josh’s mission has been to build and operate Synchronicity Farm, a healthy and ‘immersive’ food experience that seeks to connect the local community with his passion for changing our eating and shopping habits for the better.

What is Synchronicity Farm?

Synchronicity Farm is a not for profit, ethically minded social enterprise with a passion for making the story and availability of local food discoverable in all its glory. The goal is to empower consumers to really become aware of the food they eat and the reason they chose it. We know that lots of us appreciate the taste and health benefits of eating local and seasonal, organic fruit and vegetables. Many want to reduce food miles, support local farmers and the local community as well as maximising the food values by eating truly fresh farm produce.

What’s your backstory?

After 35 years living in Sydney it was 6 years ago that Permaculture gardeners Joshua and Tomoko Allen left the city and moved to our 33 acre property on the Orara River in Nana Glen. Inspired by sustainability and the far reaching benefits of eating local home-grown food, the ability to start working on a larger canvas resulted in some beautiful food being grown and a surplus being produced. We also met lots of local farmers who have happily shared their knowledge and experience. Through these connections we learned that there are lots of farmers out there locally with exceptional produce but limited access to markets to effectively sell it.

Where are you up to now?

Right now, we are temporarily closed as we are in the middle of a complete business restructure to position Synchronicity Farm for growth. This involves working with our mentors and advisors to redesign our business model and operational model to better suit our customers as well as providing a platform for investment and collaboration between our stakeholders.

What’s the vision?

Our Mission is to build an immersive food experience that genuinely connects people to their food in a way that will drive them to make conscious choices to change their shopping and eating habits. We want to inspire food choices that embrace the Social, Environmental and Health benefits of eating artisan, seasonal and local food.

What are you looking for from the public to get your project moving?

Registration as customers of the Synchronicity Farm Local Food Hub on the soon-to-be-launched online ordering portal. (Will be live in mid 2014 at

Help in connecting with large, medium and small farmers within 200km of Coffs Harbour that would like to register with Synchronicity Farm to be able to sell their food through our Local Food Hub.

Interested, well connected individuals that may wish to discuss potential Board positions to assist us to develop and guide our Social Enterprise bringing their experience in community empowerment, the food industry, finance and farming.

Opportunities to come out to Synchronicity Farm (by appointment) and spend time working with us in the gardens to share experiences and knowledge.

Financial Investors that are interested to discuss a broad range of involvement opportunities being designed to meet the varied needs of philanthropic and social enterprise funding partners who share our passion and belief in the Vision and Mission we are focussed on.


How can people connect?

Founders: Joshua Allen and Tomoko Allen





Address: 632 Orara Way Nana Glen NSW 2450

Mobile:  0411 846 000

Landline: 02 6654 3554

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