Vivien Rink – Toys of Wood

Vivien’s Mission through Toys of Wood has been to design and manufacture hand-made, natural, lovable & economical products and toys for children in a range of age groups out of wood for everyday use. All of her products are designed and made by her.

What is Toys of Wood?

Toys of Wood focuses on wooden toys for children between 0-5 as well as homeware products and small furniture. It is a locally based, Australian owned toy company, bringing you all the benefits of solid, durable and loveable toys, designed and hand crafted with passion, and emphasis on quality and attention to detail as well as to Australian standards.

I create unique, ergonomically, environmental friendly products for everyday uses. Wooden toys are timeless. They remind us of a feeling of nostalgia.

What’s your backstory?

The love for wood started in my grandfather’s workshop, he had a wooden swing for his grandchildren in there, where I spent a lot of time playing with wood carving’s and toys he made for us.
Also during my university degree as a Master of Industrial Design, wood was mostly first choice of material for my projects. In 2009, I started my business out of a niche I identified from personal experience. I couldn’t find suitable wooden toys for my little boy so I designed and manufactured baby toys on my own – and still do. As he grows up, as his interests evolve – he is my inspiration for new products .

Where are you up to now?

All of my products are handmade from Australian wood with emphasis on innovation and simplicity in its design; inspired by the nature and childrens needs. The interactive and educational toys are timeless, natural, 100% recyclable and non-toxic!

With most of my range designed for the pre-school age group, Toys of Wood products are currently being used in a wide variety of local childcare centres within the Coffs Harbour region and also available in shops in Sawtell, Bellingen, Sydney and Adelaide.

What’s the vision?

My vision is to open up a design shop with an attached workshop space to show the local community the variety of designers with different skills and expertise. Working with other talented people benefits and inspires everyone.

Collaboration with others would be the ultimate work and shopper experience.
Also, I would like to expand my market beyond the local community to the rest of Australia.

The beauty and health industry are also interested in using wood more and more in their work with clients and patients. Finding innovative products through other target markets is a great motivation.

What are you looking for from the public to get your project moving?

What Toys of Wood really needs are local professionals, like copywriters, marketing and advertising experts, who can assist in getting the business to the next level and help launch a new movement in providing Australian owned and made.

Also I’m looking for companies, who focus on natural and environmentally friendly packaging to sell my products to design and toy shops nationwide.

It would be important to find investors for the production of my innovative children furniture range to grow Toys of Wood.

How can people connect?

Vivien Rink – Toys of Wood

Mobile:0415 297 027




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  1. Congratulations to Vivian on such a superb company! It is always great to see company owners creating a sustainable product, that is fun and educational for children to use. Thank you for sharing this interview and video.

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