Everything you need to know about SIX DEGREES

The Space

Corner of Gordon & Park Avenue – entry via Gordon Street
(next door to the Australian Psychology and Wellbeing Centre).

six degrees at psychology





Opening Times

From the week of 27 May 2014 for 3 month trial

Tuesday   9am – 3pm
Wednesday  9am – 3pm
Thursday   9am – 3pm

Special events may be held in in morning (8-9am) or afternoon (3-6pm) sessions which members will be notified of via the email newsletter.REGISTER HERE

Coworking Membership Options for Trial Period

Try before you join – if you don’t know what coworking is all about and why you would want to hang out in our space then come along, have a chat and try it first.

Payment via eftpos available on-site at Six Degrees from 27 May

UNLIMITED HOURS PER MONTH                          $150

50 HOURS PER MONTH                                           $100

25 HOURS PER MONTH                                            $50


MEMBER DROP-IN PER DAY                                    $15

NON-MEMBER DROP-IN PER DAY                          $20


FAN CLUB MEMBER                                                  $20 per year

If you love the concept and want to be a part of SIX DEGREES but might not need the coworking space so much become a fan and enjoy a member rate on the drop-in fee, FREE (or reduced cost access) to all SIX DEGREES events, regular updates via the email newsletter, the opportunity to participate in our programs such as doing a PITCH, member LIGHTNING TALK, Mentoring and Unleashing Local Dollars)


COWORKING SPACE: Members are provided drop-in access to a desk, chair, wi-fi internet connection and reasonable use of printer.

PITCH SESSIONS: Once a month Six Degrees members and invited entrepreneurs come along and PITCH their business ideas and their needs to the membership and professionals in the sectors of, banking, accounting, law, marketing and others. The goal is to find ‘experts’ / ‘investors’ willing to assist with the growth of the business. Expertise may come from within the membership itself.

LUNCHTIME LEARNINGS: Members will be encouraged to share their business and skills with other members. This will be encouraged to be in a relaxed informal setting where they are conversations not presentations.

Q & A: SMALL BUSINESS: Information sessions aimed at keeping members abreast of matters to do with Small Business. Sessions will be conducted by professionals within our local community and where possible with visiting experts.

CONVERSATION EVENINGS: Members and guests to meet over conversation starters ‘good wine and tasty snacks’ members to engage in conversation with potential new members and encourage, inform and welcome them to the benefits of COWORKING.

ENTERPRISE FACILITATIONP: Six Degrees will be staffed by members of the Enterprise Coffs Team at all times. If you are looking for ways to move forward with your venture please have a chat with us to see how we can facilitate your growth.

MENTORING: Members will be able to access a group of professionals or small business owners willing to give mentoring assistance to members wishing to avail themselves of this proven method of business growth.

ACCESS TO PROGRAMS: The Enterprise Coffs Team is developing a number of programs that we hope will assist with enterprise development. Being a member will give you priority access into upcoming programs e.g. Unleashing Local Dollars.

NEWSLETTER & FEATURE MEMBER PROFILE: Members will be kept in the loop via a newsletter where we will details upcoming events and also provide regular spot for member profiles so we know who is who and what they are up to…..REGISTER HERE

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