What is so good about doing a PITCH?

9 degrees pitch 3 June1405 copyAre you thinking why would I want to put myself out there and do a PITCH? I thought there might be some of you thinking this way so I have started to compile a bit of a list of reasons:

FOCUS: By only giving each passionate person 5 minutes to pitch it creates the need for you to focus in on what your key message is, what is your product or service and what need is it addressing. Going through the process of refining your pitch down to the 5 minutes is valuable in itself – before you even get up in front of anyone. You do get another 10 mins of Q & A where a lot of what you had to cull out of your pitch will get revealed. This Q & A is also the time for you to find out what an audience is really interested in. Their questions may surprise you – and so you will be able to weave that into future spiels.

OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE: It’s a good thing! As one of our recent pitchers said “its scary but good”. It is the opportunity for you to ask yourself the tough questions.

SAFE ENVIRONMENT: Yes we may have pushed you out of the comfort zone, but it is in a ‘safe’ and supporting environment. We acknowledge that you might not be perfect (yet) you haven’t worked out all the details but that is why you are up there and sharing. The whole point of the pitch is finding out what your passion is, what you have done so far in getting it to this stage and allowing you to identify the gaps.

TEST BED: The PITCH could also be an opportunity to test your new business model, new product or new service. It is a chance to get it out from the bedroom where you have been working on it solo for ages and put it out on public display, put it under the lights to see what reaction you get.

DECLARING THE VISION: You may have been working on and in your business for a while, its been plugging away alright – but you have bigger dreams. The pitch is the opportunity to declare your vision, identify where you want to go and importantly and opportunity to identify what the gap is in being able to realise the vision. You have your strengths…what is it that is missing – is it the marketing, distribution, manufacturing, capital…once you name it then we in the SIX DEGREES community are in a much better position to help you find it!

EXPOSURE: At the very least you get your business out there! One of our last pitchers did such a good job that he got at least 3 of our members interested in working with him.



I really enjoyed pitching today and it’s highlighted some areas in my business I have not been giving the attention they need so that was good for me. Also, getting the message out and seeing other people showing enthusiasm for my vision was.. awesome! Tianda Mack, North Coast Hypnobirthing

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