Sarah Lyttle – flossy-p


Sarah is “flossy-p” and her passion is to connect with people via her exquisite illustrations and allow them to be touched by nature and animals and the bonds between them as much as she is.



What is flossy-p?

Flossy-p is the nickname/pseudonym I work under. I’m an illustration artist, I spend my time painting works inspired by nature and animals and the bonds between them. I also do personalised commissions for people, have a range of boutique giftware featuring my designs, and my work is distributed to over 200 shops around the country.

What’s your backstory?

I moved here from inner city Sydney, with my partner, almost 7 years ago, a year after taking the huge leap of faith to quit my real job and return to art. The move was exactly what I needed, all the beauty, nature and newness soaked in, and poured back out on the page. It’s part of me now, and keeps me creatively inspired.

Where are you up to now?

When my young son is sleeping, I run an online shop selling my art, pillowcases and cushion covers, I paint new works, make my products, process orders, or market myself. I continue to try to get my name further “out there”, and stay current. It’s a busy life, and keeping on top it all is my greatest challenge.

What’s the vision?

My vision is to think a little bigger and work a lot smarter. I’m often approached by new retailers offering to stock my home wares, but as yet I haven’t been able get my costs down to a wholesale price point most are prepared to take. My vision is to re-think this part of my business, to shift it into a less labour intensive (i.e. handmade) process, and one that I’m able to grow and benefit from much more.

What are you looking for from the public to get your project moving?

Knowing where to start to take this next step has been a challenge. Ideally I’d love to develop a relationship with a mentor who has experience in manufacturing processes, who may be able to guide me through the maze; Australian made v’s offshore, legalities, copyright protection, insurances, risk, financial planning, logistics, etc.

How can people connect?

Founder: Sarah  /  flossy-p




Online shop:

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