Ian Kinny – AppAce


ian kennyIan mission is to “make it happen”. Through the App technology Ian is managing to “make it happen”.


What is AppAce?

AppAce exists to turn ideas into apps. In fact, I had an idea and decided to create AppAce to make it happen. My focus is on apps for phones and tablets. If the idea is interesting and can be made into an app, I am keen to make it happen.

What’s the vision?

My vision is to create apps that provide a real benefit to the user, not just amuse them. My most recent app, eButton, is initiated by a low energy bluetooth emergency Button. It is designed to improve personal safety for individuals and reduce the anxiety of the friends, family and employers who care for that individual.

What are you looking for from the public to get your project moving?

My current app is restricted to Android devices. I would like the public to spread the word about the benefits of the eButton to their friends and get behind my push to have Apple allow the necessary functionality for eButton to run on iOS devices.

If you have an Android phone, have a look at our website to see if an eButton would improve your own, or family members, safety.

How can people connect?

Email: ian@appace.com.au

Website: www.appace.com.au and www.ebutton.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ebuttonapp

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