Kerry Grace – Evolve Network


Kerry Grace

Kerry Grace enables individuals and communities to bring life to ‘what matter’ by the own definition.


What is Evolve Network?

Kerry founded Evolve Network in 2003 as a means of exploring her passion for social justice and fitting career around her growing family.  Over the years Evolve has delivered a range of services that can be described as consultancy (including planning, facilitation, research, project management and marketing).  In 2010 something major shifted for Kerry as she noticed gaps in the service system which actually enabled the perpetuation of disadvantage.  One of these gaps was that people were very rarely asked what really mattered to them – and how they would like to bring that to life.  Kerry and the Evolve team now delivers programs which teach people how to bring their ‘what matters’ to life.  In 2015 these programs will include Kickstart 2015 (a six month program for community leaders), Kickstart Energiser (a four week online program to turbo boost what matters) and the ‘What Matters’ national tour and book.

What’s the vision?

The vision is to have a national conversation about what matters and to enable everyday Australians to bring this to life in a way that is authentic, achievable and sustainable.  Kerry will work with community leaders (including those who work in not for profits, Aboriginal corporations and government AND mums in business) to equip them to work from the perspective of ‘what matters’ and share this with their communities.

What are you looking for from the public to get your project moving?

To connect with and share the online What Matters movement – I’d also LOVE some hints, tips and advice of how to maximise online exposure (also looking for information regarding app development).

How can people connect?


Phone: 02-6568 1423

Web: or

Facebook: or

LinkedIn:  Kerry Grace

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