My Holland – EQ at Happiness Quotient

My Holland

My passion is about a “happier” work place. As a “happier” work place is a more productive work place.

What is EQ at Happiness Quotient?

EQ at Happiness Quotient is a social enterprise, a consulting business based in Bellingen, specialised in leadership coaching and training. It is part of AH Consulting Pty Ltd.

We promote team culture change, run webinars in positive employee engagement (Happiness at Work) and provide coaching and professional development consulting. We help corporates to understand the roots of sustainable productivity with a mindful leadership approach. Key area of focus includes:

  • Self awareness
  • Authenticity
  • Productivity

What’s the vision?

Inspire leaders to strive for a more engaged, happier workplace through positive engagement and practicing emotional intelligence on a daily basis. Emotions drive people. People drive performance.

Drive positive changes through meaningful and calibrated happiness at work initiatives.

Consider positive employee engagement / happiness at work as a KPI at business and government levels (France and the UK have started to explore this measurements at government level).

What are you looking for from the public to get your project moving?

I would like to work more locally. I don’t feel connected yet to the business community in our region as I was lecturing at SCU for many years.

The reason why my family moved to the region from Sydney is to truly balance our work and private life with less commuting.

I would welcome business referrals. Please check my business credentials on my Linkedin page. Corporate business background in Sydney and in Asia.

How can people connect?

My Holland, MBA, MA


Mobile: 0416 177 112


Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook


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