Phillip Monk – IT Specialist

Phillip Monk

Phillips vision is to help small business streamline their business for better customer service.


What’s your backstory?

After living in Brisbane for the last 32 years I have just moved to Coffs Harbour with my wife to be close to family.  I have a background in IT focusing on information systems and technical training and I have had a range of positions in government all the way through to small businesses.  I am currently finishing my IT degree at Coffs Harbour University which I transferred from Griffith University in Queensland.  I have a love of developing information systems that make life easier for people and businesses.

Where are you up to now?

I am now at a stage where I had enough experience in my work life that I would like to apply all the skills that I have developed over the years.  I would like to focus the knowledge and experience into developing information solutions for small businesses.

What’s the vision?

My vision is to assist small businesses to use the information that have to better serve their customers and streamline their business processes.

What are you looking for from the public to get your project moving?

I am looking for some guidance from the public as to what small businesses are looking for in a solution to help them manage their information.

How can people connect?





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