A question one of our members posed recently “As part of my business I’m looking at setting up some online training programs. As I’m a complete IT novice, I’m looking to pick the brain of someone who has knowledge of online training platforms.”

Kerry Grace from Evolve Network shared her experience and knowledge in this area as she has tried a few:

Self-managed platforms: Kajabi and Academy of Mine – you’d choose a self-managed platform if you (a) want to keep the student details and maintain control of your marketing / price, content etc.  Kajabi is very simple but I chose Academy of Mine in the end (it’s about $200 per month) because it incorporates marketing, analytics and student incentive systems.

and a few hosted ones: Udemy and Lynda.com  Use these if you only want to dip your toe in and want to have access to their audiences.  I’ve read that the amount you get from the course enrols vary, however both have hundreds of thousands of customers which may (or may not) see your course.

Her best advice about getting started is to “Get started!”

Let us know if you have had any experience in this space.

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