Pitch Your Passion: gourmet delights, fast tracking tradies to your door and a music learning system

Adrienne Randall pitching us her gourmet delights.
Adrienne Randall pitching us her gourmet delights.

Adrienne Randall is the powerhouse behind the Seaside Sicilian  which has been hitting the Food & Wine Expos to great acclaim. She received some great feedback, directions and connections for growing her business. From focusing the branding to capture the “authenticity” of her italian heritage, expanding her horizons beyond the boutique hotels range and how to think about increasing production and what that might mean. We taste tested her treats to the max and they are awesome! With exotic combos like espresso + pear or balsamic + fig we think she is on a winner. She loved the opportunity to pitch as a valuable experience to test out how to promote herself and her brand. Like a lot of our pitchers she said the preparation for the pitch was valuable in itself as it forced her to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s that she had been procrastinating on – like a business plan.

Mardi and Leanne Davies from Coffs Local Tradies
Mardi and Leanne Davies from Coffs Local Tradies

Mardi and Leanne Davies – co-founders and sisters! Based on a researched market need they have recently launched Coffs Local Tradies and are powering away. Like all startups the challenge is how to gain critical mass and overcome the incumbents in the field. Our panel and members provided some insightful tips on how to view competition, techniques to turn the issues within the industry – customers worried about the reputation and quality of work of tradies – into selling points for their business. They are at a cross-roads as to where to go next, to pivot or not to pivot?
These girls show us the value in getting something to market quickly to be able to get real feedback from real customers. The challenge is to be open and listening to your customers as to what they really need – what are their real pain points and are they willing to pay to reduce that pain!!

Tom Benjamin and his music learning system.
Tom Benjamin pitching his music learning system.

Tom Benjamin promised us something different and he delivered. His revolutionary music learning system is so revolutionary that he left some of our panelists a bit baffled. Tom’s pitch provided some great insights not just for Tom but all our entrepreneurs. It is critical to really understand the market – really find out who you are selling to, listen to them, understand their language and then package up your product or service in a way they can easily purchase. Tom even had time to demo using Mardi and

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