Demonstrating the problem and market need:

  • Is there a real and well defined customer pain point/ need or business problem being solved?
  • Who is going to use it / buy it?
  • How is it different to current solutions?

Giving a compelling explanation of the solution:

  • What is your big idea and is it clearly communicated?
  • Clearly identify the digital component of the solution. (including but not limited to: software, web, mobile, app, telemetry, cloud, analytics, sensors or other such enabling technology)
  • How have you tested it so far?
  • How well was the pitch presented? (clear and concise; addressed the audience; confident and engaging)

Pitching your business model:

  • Can the need be translated into revenue?
  • How big is the potential market?
  • Is it scalable?
  • What are the revenue streams?
  • Is the path to revenue and growth feasible?
  • How much skin is in the game? stage of Development (idea / prototype ready/ revenue raising / expansion capital required)
  • What is the economic development impact on Coffs Coast?
  • Is it backed-up by a passionate person/team?
  • What do you need to make it happen?


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